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Baileys Mare's Milk Replacer saved the day for late-born Exmoor Foal Lady Martha of Molland Moor

Late last year, the free-living Exmoor ponies of Molland Moor were gatherered and late born foal Lady Martha of Molland Moor found herself in a predicament. At just five weeks old, she had not had the summer to gain the required strength and then grow the thick winter coat necessary to withstand the harsh Exmoor weather. Nick and Dawn Westcott decided to take her into their Moorland Exmoor Foal Project, bringing her home late that night. 

The rush was on to find Mare's Milk Replacer and after a small amount to tide her over from the vet, and kindly donated by Lucinda McAlpine, the couple contacted Baileys Horse Feeds and the first bag arrived shortly afterwards, along with Baileys Foal Creep Pellets. Thankfully, Lady Martha soon got used to drinking the milk out of a bucket, rather than needing to be bottle fed.

It was also important that she continued to benefit from other equine company. The foal project’s handling pen system allowed her to reside in the barn used by the main Exmoor pony herd - where ponies can migrate in and out to the pasture as they wish. They got to know Lady Martha through the pens and were immensely curious in the tiny new arrival. However, while Lady Martha could sniff noses and touch the other ponies through the pen, she had no actual company. Lady Martha took an immediate shine to ‘Wilson’, a Giant Space Hopper, who became her special friend.   

For the first couple of weeks, Lady Martha settled in and got used to being handled. During this time, she was introduced to ponies like Monsieur Chapeau, himself an orphaned foal, and her sibling Lady Molly of Molland Moor (a year older than Lady Martha). Then it was time to think about introducing her to the whole herd. The challenge was in working out how this tiny foal could run with the herd, while ensuring she received regular feeds of milk and pellets.

However, this was pre-empted one morning when Lady Martha managed to wriggle out of the pen and join the herd  outside - of her own free will! Nick and Dawn held their breath as they watched the tiny foal galloping around the pasture with over twenty ponies and horses - and then back into the barn where she was keen to be let into her pen for some milk and pellets. 
It was clearly going to work well integrating Lady Martha into the herd but ideally, she needed ad lib access to her feed. Nick came up with the brilliant idea of making a 'foal creep gate’ and Lady Martha cleverly worked out how to use it straight away.

She is developing very well, full of condition and she’s grown a super-thick winter coat. She prefers to stay with the herd, lying with them in the barn and running out in the pasture - visiting her pen to feed. Lady Martha is friendly, playful, joyful and interactive with people - and first and foremost knows she is a pony, thanks to being socialised into the large herd who take excellent care of their special protege.

“It has made all the difference having access to good advice, fast and efficient service and excellent quality Mare's Milk Replacemer & Foal Creep Pellets that have really done the job,” said Dawn Westcott.

Dawn Westcott is the author of best-selling Wild Pony Whispering and more info can be found about her work and the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project at www.WildPonyWhispering.co.uk.

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