Frickley Park Horse Trials: National Under 18's Championships

The National Under 18’s Eventing Championships took place at Frickley, last weekend, for which we supported the Eastern Region, which fielded two young and inexperienced teams, this year, last year's 'dream team' now being overage.

The BE100 team came fifth and the CCI*J team seventh, with Emma Philpot coming 10th individually in the 100 class. The results on paper may not be startling but, what they all achieved, with many PBs in dressage and show jumping and most going clear in the time, was really excellent.

The ground took its toll and they had several sore horses after across the country, especially in the CCIJ. These disappointments are all part of eventing, as we know, and it was really good to see the youngsters rally round each other and lift the spirits of others. Team spirit was so great and they will all have learnt so much, not only about three-day eventing, but life skills, as well.

We enjoyed working with the teams and look forward to the championships, next year! 

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