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Dear Baileys

I have two ponies. Misty, aged 20 years, who I’ve owned for 15 years and her son, Charlie. Misty has been fed on Lo-Cal Balancer for as long as I can remember. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with low grade laminitis. The vet suggested I retire her but Misty had other ideas. She is still very spritely and keeps me on my toes much more than Charlie. The Lo-Cal provides everything she needs with minimal calories (which she clearly does not need). There is definitely plenty more life left in her yet. Just over 5 years ago she gave me the most amazing foal in Charlie.

I’ve been told many times how lucky I am, as Charlie has just turned out to be laid back about everything. He has a temperament to die for and the best attitude you could want in a young horse. We have just got back from a weekend in Norfolk where we got to ride on Holkham Beach every day. Charlie was foot perfect and really was a superstar. We were recommended Performance Balancer, which I put Charlie on straight away. He can be a bit fussy with hard feed but I have to say he loved it, I’ve never seen him enjoy his feed so much!


Baileys is always my first port of call for feeding advice and I would just like to say thank you for being so helpful.

Sue, Misty & Charlie

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