In Top Condition

Dear Baileys

Sharp is a 16.1hh South African Thoroughbred Gelding, who I have owned for 8 years. I bought him off the track in South Africa and have produced him myself, from scratch. When I had to moved back to the UK from South Africa, I exported him to the UK - I wasn't leaving him behind. He has just turned 14-years-old. We are competing at Medium Level and training at Advanced Medium, at home, working towards qualifying for the Music Regionals, as well as the Pet Plan Area Festival at Medium Level for 2019.

Sharp is far from easy and has an attitude and personality to match - I never know whether I am riding a mare, a stallion or a gelding – it really does just depend on the day and what mood he is in and it certainly keeps me on my toes!! Sharp is fed on No.4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes, Fibre-Beet and chaff. I have found that on No.4 he maintains condition and top line.

Thank you


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