Only Meadow Sweet Will Do

Dear Baileys

I recently spoke to your Nutritionists for help with my mare, Hainton Penelope (Lady P), as she’d started to go off her feed. I was struggling to get her to eat, especially as she is unable to eat long fibre due to having diastemas. I was recommended No.8 Meadow Sweet with Turmeric and I would just like to update you on her progress. She is back to enjoying her feed and loves the taste. She’s 10 years old and we’ve just done our first season under saddle, winning the Royal Cheshire County Ridden Heavy Horse and coming second the Heavy Horse of the Year qualifier, at Ashbourne County Show.

She is known to go on hunger strikes, especially if she doesn’t like the taste of the feed, but with help of your Nutritionists I’ve managed to keep her on a balanced diet, keeping her well conditioned. 

Thank you

Chloe Tee

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