The Feed I Can’t Live Without

Dear Baileys

No.21 Ease & Excel is on the top of my feed list for my showjumpers. It’s so difficult finding a feed that provides your horse with what they require without heating them up. My horses perform well, look great and are manageable. Many people comment on how calm my competition horses are both at home and at a competition, they switch on when needed but can relax when it’s down time. This feed is perfect as I must be careful what I feed my horses as they both have a sensitive stomach.

One of my young horses, Dude, needed the right nutrition for him to develop but also keep him focused. Now rising 6-years-old, I would never consider another feed. I can honestly say that he has been the most trainable horse I have owned. He does have a lovely attitude to his work, but I feel that what you choose to feed your horse has a huge impact on how they feel mentally as well as look physically.

has competed successfully under saddle now for just over a year and iS confidentially jumping at affiliated competitions as well as scoring over 70% in the few dressage competitions we have entered. He has qualified for several championships, this year, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

Thank you


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