VIP by Name, VIP by Nature

Dear Baileys

I got my new horse, VIP, 10 weeks ago. With him coming from Germany, I didn't know what he had been fed. He proved to be quite particular about his feed and, after talking to a few different feed companies and buying their products, I still had come no closer to finding a solution. I rang your nutritionist help line who were so helpful and really interested in VIP, taking their time to help and explaining what goes into each product. They then promptly sent me a selection of feed to try him on rather than me buying more bags of feed. VIP straight away took to No.9 All-Round Competition Mix and loves it! His coat looks brilliant, his energy levels increased with the feed and it's so economical when I don't have to add a balancer on top. He has gone out to three shows, achieving four Wins and three 70%+ scores! He has excelled all expectations performance wise whilst looking amazing like the true VIP he is

Thank you

Elizabeth and VIP

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