Celebrating 21 years of Lo-Cal Balancer

When we first launched Lo-Cal, in 1998, the concept of balancers was still in its infancy. Lo-Cal was the first to be formulated for good-doers and native ponies, taking advantage of the concept of providing all the essential nutrients a horse or pony needs, alongside forage, but without the additional calories provided by a traditional mix or cube.

Over the years, we haven’t had to change Lo-Cal’s recipe very much; there have just been a few tweaks as we’ve taken advantage of developments in modern ingredients and our ongoing analysis of pastures and forages highlights a growing trend of deficiencies, leading to its improved formula. We’re often told that a customer’s horse doesn’t need feeding because it “gets fat on fresh air” but we know that most modern grazing, hay and haylage are deficient in certain minerals, and often in protein, so always advise the feeding of a balancer to ensure the horse is not missing out.

This summer, we’re celebrating Lo-Cal Balancer’s 21 years as the “go to” balancer for good-doers of all shapes and sizes and therefore we’ve teamed up with HorseWare Ireland to give away 21 fantastic prizes by putting cards in bags of Lo-Cal Balancer!  See more here...


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