Choose Their Perfect Balancer!

Our balancers are nutrient-dense pellets, that contain all a horse or pony needs for health and well-being, without the, potentially, “fizzy or fattening calories” associated with a traditional mix or cube.

Both Lo-Cal Balancer, and Performance Balancer, are great for those equines who:

  • Require a calorie controlled diet
  • Are stressy or excitable who need nutrients for health and performance
  • Good-doers on restricted grazing (and soaked forage) requiring a healthy balanced diet

They are also accredited by BETA which means they are suitable for those equines who are prone to gastric ulcers.

Use our simple chart below to find out which of our balancers, would suit your horse best!

Still not sure?  Here are a few FAQs.


My horse’s workload varies, at the moment, which balancer should I choose?

Lo-Cal is formulated for horses at rest or in light work but, if your horse works harder, you could simply feed an extra cup or two*, for a period, and drop down again when the workload reduces.  If your horse’s workload is likely to stay at a more moderate level, it might be easier to change up to Performance Balancer, on an ongoing basis.

For harder working horses, whose workload drops off, you would have a similar choice; feed slightly less, on a temporary basis and consider switching if your horse has a longer holiday.

*check feeding rates with our Nutrition team on


I have an older horse in light work.  Which balancer should I choose?

We often recommend Performance Balancer for older horses, even when they are only in very light work or even retired. Muscle is one of the first things that veterans start to lose and the elevated protein levels in Performance Balancer can help to counter this to help them maintain top line without gaining weight.  The elevated levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are also good to support health and immunity in the older equine.


My horse is prone to poor hoof quality.  Is one of your balancers better for hooves?

Both Lo-Cal and Performance Balancer provide all the nutrients required for healthy hoof growth, including biotin, zinc and methionine.  When fed at recommended rates, they will provide optimum levels of these, and all the other important nutrients, and you should find that your horse grows strong healthy hooves, without the need for additional supplementation.**

Remember, it takes 9 to 12 months for hoof to grow down from the coronet band so, what your farrier is nailing a shoe on to today, is a reflection of the diet your horse was eating that long ago.  This shows how important it is to maintain a fully balanced diet all year round, by feeding the recommended amount of an appropriate mix, cube or balancer to provide optimum levels of nutrients.  Balancers are ideal for the summer months, when grass can provide your horse’s calories, but they’re ideal through the winter too, for good-doers who still don’t need extra calories from a mix or cube.

**If you’re still concerned about hoof quality, contact our Nutrition team who can review your horse’s total diet.


My mare’s in foal but she’s a really good-doer.  Is Lo-Cal still good for her?

We’d recommend Stud Balancer, from conception onwards, to those pregnant mares who are also good-doers.  Like Lo-Cal and Performance Balancer, it is low in calories, starch and sugar but it supplies specially tailored elevated levels of nutrients to support the developing foetus.


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