Ease & Excel Cubes - Who are they good for?

The Skinny Ribber

If your horse needs to gain weight, he must consume more calories than he burns during training and work.

Often, fortified fibre feeds are not enough as the horse simply cannot eat sufficient amounts to consume the required calories, which is why concentrated conditioning and performance feeds are so important.

Ease & Excel Cubes are calorie-dense and highly digestible so will promote the desired condition without needing to be fed by the bucket-full!

The Hot Head

Some horses are naturally excitable and simply can’t take the quick release calories supplied by the starchy cereal content of traditional competition or conditioning feeds.

The calories/energy provided by Ease & Excel Cubes are slow release so will not exacerbate the sharp, excitable temperament, letting you stay in control, while still giving your horse the power to perform.

The Fuss Pot

Some horses (and owners!) prefer mixes and some prefer cubes, while other horses are prone to selective feeding, when faced with a blend of different feed components, like a coarse mix - eating the bits they like and leaving the bits they don’t.

When this happens, their diet will not be supplying a full balance of nutrients as some are being left in the bucket or manger, so Ease & Excel Cubes avoid this and contain extracts of flavours of essential oils to tempt even the fussiest palate.

The Stress Head

Stressy horses are more likely to experience digestive upsets and gastric discomfort and benefit from a reduction in dietary starch intake as part of an overall management and feeding regime to minimise stress and discomfort.

Ease & Excel Cubes can be safely fed to provide elevated calorie levels, to promote and maintain condition, while keeping starch levels to a minimum.

Their high fibre content encourages chewing and, along with pre and probiotics, supports a healthy gut and a calmer outlook.

The Starch Sensitive

While many horses thrive on small meals of “traditional” cereal-containing mixes or cubes, alongside plentiful forage, some horses, are more sensitive to cereal starch, how ever well-cooked and digestible it is, and are happier and healthier when fed a low or reduced starch diet. Ease & Excel Cubes can confidently be fed to those identified as needing a low starch diet, to support gastric, digestive or muscle health, as well as to those who require calories for condition yet who may be prone to laminitis*.

*We strongly advise you seek advice from a nutritionist when feeding those prone to laminitis

Ease & Excel Cubes are fully balanced so do not require the addition of a balancer, unless less than the recommended quantity is being fed. 

Their performance levels of essential vitamins and chelated, highly bioavailable minerals support horses with the highest workloads, while grapeseed extract, an innovative concentrated source of natural antioxidants, boosts levels available to neutralise free radicals and support the body’s immune response.

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