VETS - Equine Weight Loss Order Form


Baileys have produced a 20 page interactive workbook for owners to use to help their good-doer(s) lose weight.  It incorporates sections on:

  • Weighing (using a tape or weighbridge)
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Management tips on forage, exercise and feeding

The work book also incudes money-off vouchers from Baileys and HayGrazer (a new style haynet for slowing down greedy eaters)

Owners can use the booklet to record Body Condition and Cresty Neck Scores, annotate diagrams on the presence of any fat over time, complete an exercise plan, forage and diet regimes.

Horse owners can also join our equine weight loss group, on Facebook, to share their stories and progress, ask further questions and access appropriate educational videos and posts. 

Equine Obesity: Current Perspective Roundtable

This document was commissioned in order to provide veterinary surgeons with up-to-date information on equine obesity and to equip them to tackle it within their own practices. The opinions expressed are the consensus of views expressed by the authors. The expert group was organised by UK-Vet Equine Magazine, with sponsorship from Baileys. To order copies, please complete the form below.


Equine Weight Loss Workbook & Obesity Roundtable Request

If you would like free copies of our Equine Weight Loss Programme workbook and/or Equine Obesity Roundtable document, please complete this form.