Growth Monitoring

Not all foals grow at the same rate as breed, sex, body condition and genetics can influence growth rate and therefore the level of nutrients required. By weighing your foal and plotting this on the Growth Monitoring Chart, the foal’s growth rate can be followed from birth to 24 months. The chart is divided into 6 colour-coded areas which represent 6 different “estimated mature bodyweights”. Many growth-related problems can be prevented by charting a foal’s growth rate and body condition then selecting the correct feeding programme for their age and weight. This will supply all the nutrients necessary to support growth but without over or underfeeding.

Growth Rates

Ideally, a foal should follow a consistent even growth curve that corresponds to the basic line of one of the coloured segments overleaf. If a youngster is growing rapidly the curve will be very upright. In this instance, foals under three months should receive Foal Assist, those between three and six months should be introduced to Stud Balancer in place of Foal Assist, and the diet of youngsters over six months should contain Stud Balancer, or an increased level of Stud Balancer.

If the growth curve is very flat, the energy content of the foal’s diet may need to be increased. Foals under three months of age should be fed Foal Creep Pellets, and those over three months should be given Stud Cubes or Stud Mix to increase the calorific content of their diet.

To Use The Growth Monitoring Chart

  • Establish the weight of the youngster using either a weightape (available on request from Baileys) or weigh bridge.
  • Plot the weight of the youngster corresponding to its age on the chart (measurements can be taken at 2 or 4 week intervals)
  • The coloured bands relate to anticipated mature bodyweight which can be estimated based on the actual or estimated bodyweight of the dam and/or sire.
  • A guide to mature bodyweights for a variety of breeds and types of horses is given below.
Purple440-660 lbs / 200-300kgMiniatures, Shetlands
Blue660-880 lbs / 300-400kgRiding/Showing/Native ponies
Green880-1100 lbs / 400-500kgFlat Thoroughbreds, Arabs, Hacks
Yellow1100-1320 lbs / 500-600kgNH Thoroughbreds, Cobs, Hunters
Pink1320-1540 lbs / 600-700kgIrish Draught, Warmbloods
Red1540 + lbs / 700 + kgHeavy horses

Coloured bands on the Growth Monitoring Chart correspond to the coloured columns on the feeding charts in the Baileys Complete Range and Stud Range brochures, helping you work out how much of the relevant product to feed according bodyweight and physiological status.


Download Baileys Growth Monitoring Chart now (using Acrobat Reader) to print for yourself – simply click on the links below, depending on whether you prefer to work in pounds (lbs) or kilos (kgs).

Alternatively, we can send you a printed copy. Simply e-mail with your name and address to get a copy sent out free of charge.

Download the chart (lb)

Download the chart (kg)

Services From Baileys

Baileys advocate a Total Balanced Ration feeding regime with the concentrates fed complementing the nutritional value of forage. To establish nutrient levels in forage and pastures, Baileys offer a forage analysis service supported by free no obligation feed advice from our team of qualified nutritionists. To take advantage of either of these complimentary services, simply e-mail