Winter Conditioning


Top Tips for Promoting and Maintaining Condition

  • Select the right feed for the job - fed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will get quicker and more cost-effective results by choosing a feed that is formulated for weight gain and supplies more calories per scoop than a low energy mix or cube, chaff or many soaked feeds.
  • Feed little and often – as many small meals as you can fit into your horse’s day means you are mimicking nature more closely and giving his digestive system the best chance of making the most of every morsel.
  • Choose soft, leafy forage –the stalkier the grass when it was harvested, the less digestible it is so try to find hay with a higher leaf content, which will also be more nutritious, and feed it ad lib.
  • Consider feeding forage alternatives – if your horse is not a good hay or haylage eater, things like Alfalfa Plus Oil, Speedi-Beet, Fibre-Beet or Fibre Plus Nuggets, fed separately from hard feed, will encourage natural foraging behaviour and increase overall fibre intake for a healthy and efficient gut.
  • Keep your horse warm and happy – many horses lose weight in winter as they use so much more energy to maintain their body temperature.  Keep the poor-doer well rugged and as content as possible, as a stressed horse will use valuable energy worrying.
  • Assess your horse’s worm burden and get his teeth checked regularly – important for every horse but more so for the poor-doer to ensure his digestive system is not compromised.
  • Consider using a “digestive enhancer” – these include yeast, probiotics and prebiotics, like Digest Plus, and are useful for promoting gut efficiency to help ensure your horse is making the most of what he eats. 
  • Contact our Helpline or visit our Feed Finder – if you’re just not sure or whatever you’ve tried doesn’t seem to be working, get in touch to chat through your options.


Winter Conditioning Pack

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