About Us

Family Background

In this modern world of big multi national corporations, Baileys Horse Feeds remains quite unique in being family owned and run since its inception in 1982.  There are two generations working to progress equine nutrition in the 21st century plus other couples and siblings throughout the factory and office-based teams. What’s important about so many of the people behind the Baileys brand is that they are true horse men and women, with many of them not just owning horses but actively competing, racing and breeding them. This means that we’re familiar with the practicalities of keeping and feeding horses, we know the challenges our customers face and we understand their needs.

Science & Technology

Just because we’re “horsey”, it doesn’t mean we don’t keep up with the times – our nutrition team, led by Liz Bulbrook BSc (Hons), constantly review the latest scientific research, into feed technology and equine nutrition, and apply relevant developments to our product range. Baileys has a working partnership with Progressive Nutrition, Iowa, USA, headed by leading American equine nutritionist, Don Kapper which gives Baileys access to the extensive research that he and Progressive are undertaking and offers the potential for further innovations across our range. We are also proud to include Alltech naturally produced feed additives which are backed by years of research and proven to bring real nutritional benefits.  With our continuous investment in production technology too, the “science behind Baileys” truly is of the highest calibre.

Friendly, Practical Support

With the wealth of knowledge and experience behind Baileys’ products, it’s hardly surprising they are so effective and so well respected. Our team of nutritionists is also available to offer no obligation, practical advice and to help you explore all your feeding options. They can be contacted during office hours by phone or email, certainly won’t advocate change for the sake of it and may simply reassure you that you are doing the right thing. For friendly, practical advice, the Baileys team are hard to beat and, as well as answering your calls and emails, spend many hours on the road visiting yards or giving talks to riding and pony clubs.