General Advice

Feeding the broodmare
We discuss feeding the broodmare from preparing for covering, during pregnancy and when she's lactating with a foal at foot. 

Feeding as you increase workload
We discuss altering the diet as a horse's workload increases - what is the right thing to do? Is it one size fits all?

Feeding the foal and growing youngster
What should you be feeding your young horse? In this episode, we discuss feeding the foal, weanling and youngster.

Feeding the horse on box rest
We look at how to manage an enforced sudden change to the diet, how to feed through longer term box rest and the importance of nutrition in the healing process.

Clinical Issues

We discuss the causes of colic and how to prevent it!

Gastric Ulcers
We discuss the gastric ulcers, the symptoms and how to adapt diet and routine to manage them.

What might cause laminitis? How can you manage the diet during an episode and to minimise the risk of recurrence?

We discuss Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) & Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID), the symptoms and how to manage them.

Tying-Up and PSSM
How do you to horses who suffer from muscle-related disorders? 

The Inside Scoop

Ben Hobday
Take a trip down memory lane with International Eventer, Ben Hobday, who tells us how he got to where he is today!

Claire Fielding
3* Event Rider, Claire Fielding, discusses the challenges lockdown brings to all horse owners. 

Lorna Edgar
Nutritionist, Lorna Edgar, tells us what it's like working with top riders and their grooms, to put together the best nutrition plan for each individual horse. 

Product Spotlight

In the first of our Product Spotlights we look at Baileys' balancers, their differences, similarities and when and how to feed them.

Feeding Types

The Good-Doer
We discuss good-doers and how to allow them to keep eating, while taking control of their calorie intake.

The Poor-Doer
How can we help them gain or maintain weight, while 'keeping their feet on the ground'? 

The Veteran
We discuss feeding veterans, including the "dentally-challenged".