Why Baileys?

Muscle development, strength and power

To develop the necessary strength and physique, the racehorse needs the right building blocks in the diet. Baileys racing feeds all contain top quality protein sources which supply essential amino acids to help build and repair muscle and other body tissues.


Optimum performance is reliant on the body’s health and well-being so a broad range of essential vitamins and minerals are necessary to support body function, metabolism, haemoglobin development and general well-being, thus helping ensure the horse feels and performs at his best and recovers rapidly.

Baileys racing feeds also contain natural antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including natural vitamin E and Sel-Plex® organic selenium, which counter the effects of additional free radicals produced by the body when working hard, and help support performance and also encourage rapid recovery from exertion.

This antioxidant support is also essential for muscle metabolism and in the management or avoidance of muscle-related problems, like tying-up. Indeed, when fed at recommended levels, Baileys Racing feeds require no nutritional supplementation or “blood tonics” and, as such, a simple and more cost effective feeding programme for all horses.

All our racing and performance feeds contain Bioplex® chelated minerals to supply certain essential minerals in an organic form which is more easily absorbed and utilised by the body. Developed by Alltech, Bioplex® minerals are entirely natural yet are proven to bring real nutritional benefits.


The stress of regular travel and racing subjects the immune system to constant pathogenic challenge. Selenium plays a key role in supporting the immune system so Baileys include Alltech’s Sel-Plex® organic selenium, which is more easily absorbed and utilised than other sources of this important mineral.

Some species of hindgut bacteria are involved in the body’s immune response and the inclusion of Digest Plus prebiotic and Yea-Sacc® in our formulations supports these bacteria and can have a positive effect on the production of certain antibodies which help fight infection.


Problem feet can be one of the greatest limiters of performance and healthy hoof growth is reliant on a range of nutrients, rather than just the vitamin, biotin. Our racing feeds all contain a full spectrum of nutrients which support healthy hoof growth, including essential amino acids, like methionine, minerals like, zinc, copper, sulphur and selenium, plus vitamins A and biotin.


The hard working joints of a racehorse will benefit from the nutritional support provided by the antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids supplied by our feeds. Should you wish to provide the additional support of specific joint-supporting nutrients, like glucosamine, chondroitin or MSM, we’d recommend the use of a targeted supplement which can be fed at more effective levels than those which can be included in a feed or balancer.


A healthy digestive system helps the racehorse make the most of his diet, reduces the risk upsets, like colic and gastric ulcers, and supports good health, which is why we always include at least one of our digestive enhancers in each racing formulation. Baileys Digest Plus prebiotic acts as a food-source for beneficial gut bacteria so that they are able to flourish at the expense of pathogenic species. Some of these bacteria are responsible for the production of B vitamins, which the horse utilises, so a healthy microbial population brings a variety of benefits. Yea-Sacc® stimulates fibre-digesting bacteria to help the horse make the most of the forage element of the diet, of particular importance when the forage to concentrate ratio is less than 50:50.

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