Why Baileys

1 we’re family

In this modern world of big multi-national corporations, Baileys Horse Feeds remains quite unique in being family owned and run since its inception in 1982. This means we care about our products and how they work for our customers and their horses – we take it personally!  

Owners  George Knowles & Paul Venner with the next generation Minty Knowles & Simon Venner

2 we’re horse-owners

Many of us are hands-on competing, racing or breeding so we’re familiar with the practicalities of keeping and feeding horses and understand the challenges faced by today’s busy riders.

3 we're Forward-thinking

Just because we’re “horsey”, it doesn’t mean we don’t keep up with the times – our Nutrition Team, led by Liz Bulbrook BSc (Hons), constantly review the latest scientific research, into feed technology and equine nutrition, and apply relevant developments to our product range. With our continuous investment in production technology too, the “science behind Baileys” truly is of the highest calibre. 

4 we're Accredited

We manufacture to a strict code of feed safety and our “drug-free” premises are accredited to the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS), which means our production methods and conditions are carefully controlled and conform to EU and UK legislation governing animal feedstuff manufacture. Our feeds are also monitored for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as defined by the rules of racing and the FEI.

5we’re proud

We’re proud of what we put into our feeds and make no apologies for using modern nutritional developments to bring real benefits to our customers’ (and our own) horses. Pre and probiotics, chelated minerals, specially protected vitamins, plus other natural and technical additions, are all there to make a positive contribution and not just for effect. Horses prove it time and again as they bloom and perform on their chosen Baileys feed.

6 We’re consistent

We always stick to consistent recipes which is why we can confidently print a list of ingredients on each bag or tub – rather than a changeable label - and means we won’t just change what’s in a feed because ingredient costs are fluctuating.

7 we want the best for your horse

All the ingredients we use are chosen because we believe they are the best for the horse, many are sourced locally and all are carefully selected for their quality and suitability. This, along with our meticulous production techniques, means that a bag of Baileys really is different from a bag of feed from another manufacturer; the digestibility is outstanding, so your horse gets more per scoop, with an optimum balance of nutrients.

8 We want the best for the environment

Some ingredients may well be “by-products” from human food processing but they are not “waste” and are still nutritionally valuable to the horse who has a different digestive system from our own. Using every part of a grain harvest ensures an eco-friendly approach to the planet’s food and feed production. We understand the worries about pesticides so constantly test for chemical residues and ensure that every feed component is well below the highly stringent minimum levels for human and animal consumption.

9 We're respected

We’re proud to support international riders across the disciplines as well as aspiring competitors and respected trainers. Many of them work closely with our Nutritionists, fine-tuning horses’ diets throughout their seasons, and all trust our feeds to provide optimum nutrition.

10 We’re accessible

Our web site is a mine of information, check out the advanced Feed Finder tool, or simply email the Nutrition Team direct if you can’t find the answer to your specific question. Or keep in touch on the latest goings on here using all our platforms, or simply call us up!

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