The Golden Oldies



Our Senior equine is definitely in denial and, despite needing extra naps in the afternoon and Mondays off, after a busy weekend, she takes great pleasure in the odd buck round the field to show the youngsters she’s still “got it”. 

Always easy to feed in her youth, this Senior may be “growing old disgracefully” but her owner increasingly finds she needs an extra scoop of horse & pony mix, just to keep her looking “fit”, though a conditioning feed is probably a “step too far”. 

Feeding more of a lower energy feed to an aging horse or pony is your first sign that they need just a little extra help to maintain the condition of their youth.

Senior Mix is the perfect step up, with carefully micronised cereals designed to be ultra-digestible, plus elevated levels of protein and other nutrients, to maintain muscle tone and top line. 

Baileys’ famously “smelly” Garlic Supplement is included, which can be handy if you’re trying to “hide” any medication, while Digest Plus prebiotic helps maintain a healthy gut.

His owner might think he’s “getting on”, as his age is creeping through the double digits, but The Veteran is far from retirement-home-ready, despite early signs of “greying round the gills”. 

Still keen to work, The Veteran is spritely, he just needs a few extra minutes to loosen up, and may be starting to look a little “hippy”. You can’t feed him any old thing, though, this Veteran has a discerning palate and a warped sense of humour as what he ate today, he’ll turn his nose up at, tomorrow! 

Meadow Sweet with Turmeric is a unique high fibre blend, with a light coating of honey and a dusting of mint, so should tempt our “fussy old man”. 

Importantly, it contains no cereal flakes, is molasses-free and low in starch so is suitable for the Cushing’s pony, who needs a few extra calories (when fed on a Nutritionist’s advice), and the inclusion of TurmerAid complete turmeric supplement helps support healthy joints. 

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