Horse Owner's Feed Knowledge Award

Two stages to improved feeding knowledge

Whether you feel quite confident about feeding or whether you find the whole subject rather a headache, the Horse Owners Feed Knowledge Awards from Baileys Horse Feeds will help you consolidate your knowledge and clear up some of the mysteries. Attainable at two levels, these awards are fun and easy to do, with certificates and prizes when you pass.

Designed to help you grasp the basic principles behind current feeding practices and find your way through the vast range of feeds available to you. Take a look at the horse’s digestive system, and why we follow the feeding rules we do, then find out how to select the best feed for your horse or pony and work out how much to feed.

Much of the information you need to answer the questions we pose at this level will be found in Baileys’ product literature and on our web site. Of course, if you’re really stuck you can always phone us for some tips to point you in the right direction.

Aiming to build on the knowledge tested at Fundamental level, this next step helps you looks at feeding for performance and the management and avoidance of nutrition related disorders. 

You may need to do a little more research at this level but the Baileys publications will still prove very useful. You may wish to receive our range of information leaflets, consult other books about equine nutrition or, again, talk things through with our nutritionists.

Q & As

Q. Who can do the awards?
The Horse Owners Feed Knowledge Awards are open to anyone who wants to extend and test their knowledge of feeding horses. They are not accredited examinations but an acknowledgement of your level of understanding of equine nutrition.

Q. What do I get?
Apart from a chance to test what you know, a certificate and prize for each level from Baileys Horse Feeds.

Q. How do I go about it?
Click the download link below to print the test sheet for the first level, Fundamental, or alternatively fill out the form and we will send you a copy by post within 3-5 working days. Complete this in your own time at home and return it to us by post for marking. We’ll then either send you your pass certificate and prize, plus the test sheet for the second level, Proficient, or let you know if you have not made the grade and why, so you can have another go.

Q. How much will it cost?
Nothing! Just your time and the cost of contacting us!

Q. Will I only learn about Baileys products?
Whilst we will refer to Baileys products when we look at different types of feeds, the knowledge you gain will be applicable across the board.

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