At the time of weaning, the foal should be receiving sufficient nutrients from its stud ration to maintain weight and consistent growth when the milk supply is removed. The aim thereafter is to maintain this even growth rate and good body condition by providing a source of concentrates that balances the nutrients supplied by the forage consumed, with adjustments made accordingly. Indeed, forage quality has a huge influence on the choice and quantity of complementary feed, with soft digestible forage being preferable to stalky, mature forage which is less easy to digest and can give rise to a “hay belly” appearance.

Youngsters on grass through the spring and summer will need considerably fewer additional calories from a supplementary feed than when consuming hay or haylage through the autumn and winter months but their protein and micronutrient requirements must continue to be met to support correct growth. Laboratory analyses of pasture and forage will indicate their exact nutritional contributions and assist in the planning and adjustment of feeding programmes to ensure that the nutrient intake is sufficient for individual growth. Provision of sufficient nutrients for muscular development and conversion of cartilage to bone is essential.

Feeding Advice

  • Where forage quality is lacking, Alfalfa Blend is a useful additional source of digestible fibre and quality protein.
  • Digest Plus prebiotic may be given prior to and immediately after weaning to support the gut’s microbial population and reduce the effects of stress and associated weight loss.
  • Those youngsters being prepared for the sales or show ring may require additional non-heating calories, such as those provided by Prep Mix, Yearling Cubes or Outshine high oil supplement.
  • Youngsters weaned when the grass is good quality may only require Stud Balancer to complement forage and provide essential nutrients for optimum growth and development.

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