Best British Oats

Best British Oats

Quick release energy for hard work or sparkle

Targeted At

Horses in moderate to hard work as the main source of carbohydrate energy

Horses needing sparkle, when they can added to an existing balanced diet.

Best British Oats are carefully selected, top quality oats grown in the UK. They are thoroughly cleaned, clipped and lightly bruised to maximise nutrient availability.  Bruising, rather than crushing, the oats is less likely to result in significant nutrient losses over time and creates less dust.

Best British Oats are best fed alongside a complementary feed formulated to provide the additional nutrients necessary for a healthy, balanced diet.  Ideal products from the Baileys range include Oat Balancer Mix, Performance BalancerLo-Cal balancer or Stud Balancer.  For feeding rates or advice, contact our nutritionists on 01371 850 247 (option 2).


Bruised Oats

Analytical Constituents

  • digestible energy12 - 15MJ/kg
  • protein11 - 13%
  • oil3 - 5%
  • fibre10 - 12%
  • ash1 - 3%