Feed Finder

Feed Finder

Find the Right Feed Right Now!

Baileys’ advanced Feed Finder will help you select the right feed for your horse as well as calculating just how much to feed.

If you’re not sure what to feed, simply answer the following series of questions about your horse, as truthfully as you can, and we’ll give you some suggestions as to which feed is likely to be best.

The Feed Finder is intended to be used as a GUIDE as to which products may best suit your horse. In some cases, for example, with youngstock or horses that present clinical issues, you may be referred through to our Nutrition Team who are able to offer free, practical advice.

For specific nutritional advice, please contact our Nutrition Team on 01371 850 247 (option 2), or by filling out our Ask the Experts Form.












Recommended quantities based on an estimated body weight of {{height|number:1}}kg ({{convertKgToLb(height)|number:1}}lbs)

We recommend supplying ad lib forage, which should include grazing, where possible, unless restriction is needed for good-doers prone to weight gain or those suffering from conditions, like laminitis. In which case, we recommend feeding a minimum of {{r.quantities.forage.calculatedValue|number:1}}kg ({{convertKgToLb(r.quantities.forage.calculatedValue)|number:1}}lbs) of forage per day to a horse of this bodyweight, ensuring that the quality of the forage is suitable to the needs of the horse (eg. late cut, stalky and coarse forage for good-doers and early-cut, leafy and soft forage for poor-doers). Always speak to your vet or our nutritionists for specific nutrition advice and management.



or {{r.quantities.concentrate.calculatedValue|number:1}}kg ({{convertKgToLb(r.quantities.concentrate.calculatedValue)|number:1}}lbs) of {{}} per day

Approximately of {{}} per day
of {{}} per day
Between mugs of {{}}
Between g and g (dry weight) of {{}} per day, depending on the horse's condition.

Feed Calculator

The amount to feed your horse is determined by its bodyweight rather than its height. If you know your horse's bodyweight, you can enter it below. If not, you can enter the height, and we will estimate your horse's weight.

Either enter your horse's body weight:     Or your horse's height:    
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