Alfalfa Blend

Alfalfa Blend

A deliciously different alfalfa chaff

Targeted At

Horses with moderate energy requirements needing additional fibre

Those on a low starch diet needing a high fibre energy source

Poorer-doers whose traditional forage intake is limited

Baileys Alfalfa Blend is a unique combination of alfalfa and green oat straw coated with a light blend of molasses and soya oil.  Harvesting the oat straw while it is still green means it is softer, more palatable and digestible and has a higher nutritional value than more mature, yellow oat straw.  Both crops are UK-grown and the alfalfa is high-temperature dried plus the blend contains no mould inhibitors or artificial preservatives.
Alfalfa is naturally high in digestible fibre as well as quality protein, which can help build muscle and top line.  The deep-rooted nature of the alfalfa plant means it readily takes up minerals, especially calcium, from the soil, which are then available to the horse along with vitamins A and E and some B vitamins, including biotin.  Alfalfa Blend is not, however, a fully balanced feed and, where no compound feed is given, should be fed with a balancer, like Lo-Cal, Performance Balancer or Stud Balancer.
A dusting of mint makes Alfalfa Blend smell irresistible and its light molasses and oil coating means sugar content is kept to a minimum, whilst the oil provides a further source of non-heating energy and fatty acids for superb coat condition.  It can be fed to replace part of the hay or haylage ration, especially where this is of limited nutritional value, and can be fed on its own or mixed with the compound element of the diet.   


Alfalfa Blend
One level Stubbs round bowl holds around 0.5kg / 1.1lbs


Alfalfa, Green Oat Straw, Mint, Soya Oil, Molasses

Analytical Constituents

  • digestible energy9MJ/kg
  • protein15%
  • oil4%
  • fibre32%
  • ash11%
  • starch3.75%
  • sugar7.5%
  • starch and sugar values can fluctuate by the nature of the natural ingredients.

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Matt Frost
Matt Frost