Zilpaterol Update

As many are aware, from recent British Horseracing Authority (BHA), BEF and BETA press releases, the molasses affected by very low-level contamination of Zilpaterol and which caused a problem in Irish feed, also entered the UK and was supplied, by E D & F Man Ltd, to a number of horse feed companies, including ourselves.

As soon as we were notified by E D & F Man Ltd, that this was the case, we immediately took steps to suspend all use of their product while investigations were being carried out. In the absence of any confirmatory analysis from the supplier - as to whether and/or what levels of Zilpaterol were in any molasses supplied to us – we undertook, as a precautionary measure, a thorough cleaning operation, throughout our production facility, and switched to an alternative molasses supply.

Earlier this week, we received confirmation from our independent laboratory, that any levels found in molasses and our feeds are extremely low – lower than the minimum regulatory levels of detection – and, as such, the risk of detection in the horse is also negligible. Only a limited number of Baileys feeds are involved, which include cubes manufactured before 8 October 2020 and which appears as 08102020 on the bottom of the feed bags. Our mixes and balancers are not affected.

We must stress that such a low-level contamination of Zilpaterol does not pose any food safety risks to horses and can confirm that the Food Standards Agency, in the UK, is taking no further action due to the very low concentrations in the finished feed, which are not considered significant in terms of food or feed safety and are not a risk to equine health or welfare. As such, we are happy to confirm that they are safe to feed.

Please be assured that we have taken this matter extremely seriously and have worked tirelessly, in cooperation with BETA and our industry colleagues, to understand the extent of the problem and ensure the integrity and efficacy of our feeds. As Zilpaterol is a banned substance under the rules of racing, the FEI and affiliated competition, any riders or trainers who have concerns are advised to contact their Baileys Representative or our Head Office via the usual channels.

Cubes which are primarily of concern include:
No.2 Working Cubes
No.4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes
No.11 Racehorse Cubes
No.23 Racing Light Cubes
No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes

Mixes and balancers represent no cause for concern.

Baileys chaffs are unaffected as are Fibre Plus Nuggets, High Fibre Complete, Keep Calm and Tasty Treats.

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