Stud Balancer Feeding Tables

The tables show quantities to be fed alongside ad lib good quality forage ie. hay/haylage (winter) or grass (summer).

Quantities are based on the “anticipated mature bodyweight” of the youngster or actual bodyweight of the adult horse.  The actual/estimated bodyweights of a youngster’s dam and/or sire are a good basis from which to estimate the “anticipated mature bodyweight” ie. the bodyweight you believe the youngster will attain as an adult.

An average coffee mug is estimated to hold ½ lb (225g) of Stud Balancer and you are strongly advised to weigh what  your particular mug or scoop holds before following the tables below.  Alternatively, measuring mugs are available free from Baileys and are designed to hold ½ lb (225g) of Stud Balancer and certain other Baileys products.

Stud Balancer can be introduced from 3 months of age, increasing the quantity by ½lb / 225g each month until 6 months of age, and then following the tables.

Foals up to 3 months of age are better suited to milk-based Foal Creep Pellets which should be decreased from 3 months so they are out of the diet by 4 - 5 months of age.

Rapidly growing foals, or those with developmental problems, may benefit from an additional ½lb / 225g of Stud Balancer per day.  Suckling foals which become top heavy may benefit from Foal Assist.  Please consult a Baileys Nutritionist for further advice on individual cases by calling 01371 850 247 (option 2) or 

Stud Balancer can be fed alongside reduced quantities of compound feeds, like Baileys Stud & Youngstock Mix, Stud & Youngstock Cubes, Prep Mix or Yearling Cubes, to ensure a balanced diet is maintained at all times.  For every 3lb / 1.4kg of the above Baileys compound feeds removed from the diet, add 1lb / 0.45kg (two coffee mugs) of Stud Balancer.