Alfalfa Blend

Alfalfa Blend

A deliciously different alfalfa chaff

Targeted At

Horses with moderate energy requirements needing additional fibre

Those on a low starch diet needing a high fibre energy source

Poorer-doers whose traditional forage intake is limited

A unique combination of alfalfa and soft green oat straw which can be added to the concentrate diet or fed as a forage alternative to provide digestible fibre and additional quality protein.

Has a light coating of molasses and soya oil for palatability

Naturally high in digestible fibre

Alfalfa Blend
One level Stubbs round bowl holds around 0.5kg / 1.1lbs


Alfalfa, Green Oat Straw, Mint, Soya Oil, Molasses

Analytical Constituents

  • digestible energy9MJ/kg
  • protein15%
  • oil4%
  • fibre32%
  • ash11%
  • starch3.75%
  • sugar7.5%
  • starch and sugar values can fluctuate by the nature of the natural ingredients.


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