No.6 All-Round Endurance Mix

No. 6 All-Round Endurance Mix

Reduced starch mix for strength & stamina

Targeted At
  • Working horses needing improved stamina
  • Stressy or sensitive horses requiring a reduced starch diet
  • Performance horses who need slow release calories
  • Working and competition horses needing strength and top line

This high oil, high fibre mix provides slow release energy and promotes stamina and is the racing ration of choice for horses whose starch intake needs limiting.

Reduced starch (20%), for a mix of its type, with a blend of energy sources including micronised cereals, alfalfa, beet pulp and Outshine high oil supplement.

Contains elevated levels of all the supporting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids required by horses working to the very highest level as well as those prone to muscle-related issues.

Ideal for helping to maintain a calm outlook for any highly-strung individuals who may be prone to stress-related problems.

No. 6 All-Round Endurance Mix
One level Stubbs round bowl scoop holds around 1.3kg / 2.75lbs of No.6 Al-Round Endurance Mix


Micronised Barley, Micronised Wheat, Soya Hulls, Alfalfa & Oat Straw Chaff, Alfalfa Meal, Molasses, Distillers’ Grains, Micronised Soya Beans, Soya Oil, Wheatfeed, Micronised Maize, Ground Beet Pulp, Oatfeed, Cooked Linseed, Vitamins and Minerals, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Calcined Magnesite, ScFOS (Digest Plus prebiotic).

Analytical Constituents

  • digestible energy13MJ/kg
  • protein12%
  • oil10%
  • fibre12%
  • ash7.25%
  • starch22%
  • sugar5%