Best British Oats

Best British Oats

Quick release energy for hard work or sparkle

Targeted At

Horses in moderate to hard work as the main source of carbohydrate energy

Horses needing sparkle, when they can added to an existing balanced diet.

Thoroughly cleaned, carefully selected British oats.
Clipped and lightly bruised to assist digestion whilst avoiding significant nutrient losses.
Also available are Honey Oats which are lightly coated with a blend of honey and soya oil to tempt fussy feeders at the peak of fitness.


Bruised Oats

Analytical Constituents

  • digestible energy12 - 15MJ/kg
  • protein11 - 13%
  • oil3 - 5%
  • fibre10 - 12%
  • ash1 - 3%


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