We know about Racing

Baileys Managing Director, Paul Venner, has such a passion for bloodstock, that racing has always been at the heart of the business and, having tasted such success with Mister Baileys in the 1994 2000 Guineas, the company maintains connections with horses in training both in the UK and France. This means that at Baileys we really understand the challenges faced by trainers and owners in keeping horses fit and racing and have developed our feeds and outstanding back-up service based on real hands-on experience.

Baileys’ Racing Range caters for all stages of training and feeds offer a range and blend of energy sources to sustain performance whatever a horse’s type or distance and whether running on the flat or over jumps. We pride ourselves in our ability to micronise the cereal content to ensure maximum digestibility, not only reducing the risk of any digestive upsets but also allowing the horse to get the most from every mouthful.

Experience has shown us that the digestibility, nutrient-density and energy-density of Baileys feeds mean that very often trainers can achieve the sort of results they are looking for with a smaller volume of feed than tradition would dictate. The advantages of this are manifold, including less risk of colic and other upsets, as the digestive system is not overloaded, plus the obvious reduction of the yard feed bill. And all without compromising on quality and consistency!

Quality Assurance

We manufacture to a strict code of feed safety and our premises are accredited to the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) which means our production methods and conditions are carefully controlled and conform to EU and UK legislation governing animal feedstuff manufacture. Our feeds are also monitored for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as defined by the rules of racing and the FEI.

Advice and Support

Our Nutrition Team are available via telephone, email or personal visit, at your convenience. We also offer a forage analysis service as knowing the nutrient profile of your forage will help you tailor your feeding programme to ensure your horses receive optimum nutrition.

Contact Us

To contact our Thoroughbred Specialist, Simon Venner, please use the details below.

Simon Venner
Telephone: 07977 441 571


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